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MAASAI FOOTSTEPS – Anuang’a Fernando & Maasai Vocals

“Tradition is what makes people who they are", says Anuang’a Fernando, creator of Maasai Footsteps. "If you lose it, you lose your identity”. The project celebrates the ancestral songs and dance of the Maasai people of East Africa, performed at schools and on European stage through contemporary dance. While capturing and honouring the aesthetic and culture of the Maasai nomadic tribes Purko, Loodokilani and Kisonko, Anuang’a uses his passion for contemporary dance style - learned in Paris, France - to share his heritage and make it accessible to modern-day students.

SAKILI – Creole Sounds from the Indian Ocean

The island of Rodrigues’ most loved séga representatives Séga is known as the “blues” of the Indian Ocean. From the 17th -19th century, slaves from Africa and Madagascar, transported against their will to Mauritius, gradually forged their own identity in this land of exile. Sakili presents a mix of waltzes, polkas, mazurka, Scottish music and séga drum rhythms which were originally performed by the captured souls at sunset, reminding them of their African homeland.

Vusa Mkhaya UManyanyatha – Songs from the Soul of Zimbabwe

‘If he takes off his cap to kiss you... he’s a keeper’ smiles Vusa Mkhaya in a blazer suit and baseball hat, addressing a captivated audience at Cuvilliés Theatre, Munich. It’s this earnest humour honeyed by a mellifluous voice that has helped garner Vusa’s doting fanbase, from Zimbabwe’s city of blue skies, Bulawayo, to opulent concert halls in old-town Vienna.

Afrika Mamas’ New Album, New Dreams - ‘Iphupho’ - Spirited South African A Cappella

‘Iphupho’ is an all-original and all new album of heartfelt stories, real experiences and sublime harmonies sung by the 6-piece South African group, Afrika Mamas. As much a sisterhood as a musical group, these six women work hard and sing with a palpable strength and sensitivity that is undeniably African and unmistakenly powerful.