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A.G.A Trio - Meeting

For thousands of years, there have been many cross-encounters over the mountainous border of Europe and Asia. During peaceful times, people danced hand-in-hand in village squares; during wars and genocide, lamentations were sung from caravans seeking safer lands. A.G.A Trio is formed by three virtuoso musicians who have pieced together tales of self-discovery, heritage, love songs of bards, laments for the fallen, respect for nature and ultimately, the meeting of peoples across the beautiful Caucasus mountains.

Sumeet Anand Pandey - Morning Meditation

Sumeet Anand Pandey is a 10th generational Dhrupad singer, a genre of Hindustani classical music that dates back to the 15th century and the most ancient form of Indian classical music still alive today. There is no Indian heritage that has lasted the test of time this far, based on original documentation. Originally for meditative, spiritual and religious purposes, the ancient Dhrupad writings are often in praise of the Almighty.

Lin Shicheng and Gao Hong - Hunting Eagles Catching Swans

Hunting Eagles Catching Swans is a historical, honorary album of one of the greatest pipa masters of all time: Lin Shicheng. Lin is often referred to as the Ravi Shankar of the pipa, first for his unprecedented skill on the instrument and second for his years of profound contribution to the artform in teaching many of the prominent pipa players in the world today.

A Moving Sound - Songs Beyond Words

A Moving Sound is an award-winning ensemble based in Taiwan. Their highly driven creativity fuses traditional influences with a global sensibility. The ensemble presents distinctive timbres of the erhu (Taiwanese fiddle) and zhongruan (lute) coupled with the transcendent vocals of singer Mia Hsieh - a whirlwind of musical expression that veers between the meditative and the exuberant with irrepressible spirit.