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So you're interested in belly dance?

This ancient form of Arabic dance has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, with women and men the world-over learning about its history, music and of course, how to belly dance.

Known in the Arabic language as Raqs Sharqi ("Oriental Dance"), its exact origins are unknown and have been the subject of much debate among belly dance scholars and enthusiasts.

Our FREE guide is a resource designed to make life a little easier for the belly dancer (that's you!) by collecting all the information you might need for all your bellydancing requirements.

The FREE belly dance guide includes:

  • A guide to the best places to shop for belly dancing costumes, accessories, music, DVDs and books
  • A guide to the best bellydance media such as websites, newsletters and magazines
  • A guide to where to get belly dancing lessons

  • Additional benefits:

  • Subscription to the monthly belly dance newsletter from ARC Music, featuring new products from the best known artists in belly dance music and Arabic music
  • Notification of special offers and discounts on music from some of the world's leading Arabic and bellydance music artists, such as Hossam Ramzy, Chalf Hassan, Emad Sayyah, Essam Rashad and more...

Hundreds-of-thousands of people learn belly dance each year as a fun way of celebrating their bodies, increasing their fitness or simply indulging in an ancient and beautiful art form. Whatever the reason for your interest, our FREE guide is there to help you bring out the bellydancer in you.


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