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New Album from Srdjan Beronja: Sounds Of The East: Master Musicians, Hissing Cobras and a Dawn Chorus

New Album from Srdjan Beronja: Sounds Of The East: Master Musicians, Hissing Cobras and a Dawn Chorus

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New Scorsese Movie ‘Silence’ features music by master Japanese drummer, Joji Hirota

New Scorsese Movie ‘Silence’ features music by master Japanese drummer, Joji Hirota

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Hanitra’s inspiring new album ‘Lasa’ – from the heart of Madagascar

Hanitra’s inspiring new album ‘Lasa’ – from the heart of Madagascar

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Songs from the traditional treasure chest of Serbia and The Balkans

Songs from the traditional treasure chest of Serbia and The Balkans

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Bare Feet™ is a travel/culture blog featuring the different ways people celebrate together around the world, with a focus on dance, music and traditional culture. Creator and contributing writer Mickela Mallozzi started the Bare Feet™ project to bring awareness and to help preserve cultural dance and music in their truest and most original forms – the expressive behavior that both art forms translate in celebration and tradition.

Since 1950, Sing Out! has been expanding the definition of folk music, covering a diverse range of traditional and contemporary rooted musical styles and cultures (world, Celtic, blues, Cajun, singer-songwriters, bluegrass, storytelling, children's music, songwriting, and more). Each 200+ page issue includes features articles, columns on a wide range of subject (from "The Folk Process" to Storytelling to Children's Music and more), instrumental teach-ins, tons of reviews, the most comprehensive and up-to-date festival listings you'll find anywhere ... plus full lead sheets for 20 songs.  
Tango Reporter,The Magazine For Tango Lovers, published in Spanish in Los Angeles, California.
A music and lifestyle magazine featuring coverage of world music, film, cuisine and travel. Published monthly and circulated across North America, Europe and hundreds of other locations worldwide.

Sandra is an internationally recognized artist with more than 15 years of experience performing and teaching Middle Eastern Dance. A popular entertainer in Arabic nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sandra also travels to perform for audiences world-wide. Her natural musicality and understanding of Arabic movement and culture combined with a playful sensuality keep her in high demand.  
An American belly dance publication with a Middle Eastern focus. It's not only about dance, but also businesses, events, musicians, food, lifestyles, troupes, books, videos and more!
Erik Dong is a photographer, check out his growing bellydance portfolio. Email:

The official website of Egyptian percussionist, composer, arranger and producer Hossam Ramzy. Hossam is a true world music superstar. As well as the 25+ albums of Egyptian dance and world music he has released in his own name, and numerous others as a producer, he has also worked with superstars such as Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Jay-Z, and most recently pop diva Shakira.

They don't call him "Egypt's Ambassador of Rhythm" for nothing...
Joji Hirota is a renowned and highly respected master percussionist, flautist, singer and composer from Japan. Hirota is widely recognised for raising the profile of Taiko (Japanese drum) music in Europe. He was honoured with the Japanese Ambassador's Commendation in 2004, in recognition of his distinguished service to the deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other nations. He has released several albums of Japanese music on the ARC label.
Insingizi are a vocal trio from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, noted for their uplifting a capella Mbube singing. They are currently riding a wave of popularity, with their international debut selling over 250,000 copies. Insingizi's music is filled with hope, optimism and faith. Wherever they go, the purity of their vocal interplay is overwhelmingly beautiful, the lyric is ultimately hopeful, and the inherent tone of their message is true to their spiritual beliefs. "Anyone who's into Ladysmith Black Mambazo and their Mbube a capella vocal style will find a new source of pleasure in Insingizi & a masterful performance & demonstrating the elegance and strength of Mbube" - Global Rhythm, USA
Sola Akingbola released his solo debut "Routes to Roots" on the ARC label in November 2007 to critical acclaim. For this project Sola visited his roots to produce an album of traditional Yuruba drumming from Nigeria, a far cry from his day job as percussionist with chart-toppers Jamiroquai.
Based in Los Angeles, Grammy nominees Klezmer Juice are a talented young ensemble lead by .The Prince of West Coast Klezmer ., clarinettist Gustavo Bulgach.

"Everything from raga to jazz goes into their mix, but it's still classic klezmer through and through. The traditional Yiddish songs are delivered with an upfront gutsiness, but the instrumental textures are unusually refined." - The Independent
King Selewa and his Calypsonians burst onto the scene in 2007 with .Calypso Invasion . an album which caught the attention of the Calypso world with its "boisterous spirit, infectious tunes, swooping lead vocals and propulsive Caribbean/African rhythms & the fact of [King Selewa's] existence and of his melodic gifts are now well established, never to be questioned" (Ted Boothroyd,
Andre Hajj was born into a musical family in Lebanon 1967. He holds a diploma in Oud Performance from the USEK (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon) and has been an Oud Professor at Lebanon's National Conservatory of Music. In 2003 André formed his own group .Amaken ., and has since been performing with them in Lebanon and internationally. He released his album .Instrumental Music from Lebanon . on the ARC label in April 2009.
The website of Noel McLoughlin, acclaimed recording artist, talented multi instrumentalist, singer and interpreter of songs, ballads and Irish music. With a career spanning four decades his broad repertoire consists not only of Irish Folk, but also Scottish, English, American Folk and Country Music as well as music from the 30s to the 70s and beyond. The magic he creates during his performances and recordings are down to his unique musicianship, skilful guitar playing and expressive and melodic voice.
The "House Devils" are a UK-based Irish folk band, who released their album "Adieu to Old Ireland" on the ARC label in July 2009. The name 'House Devils' comes from an expression used by one of singer Matt Fahey's Dublin aunties: "You're an angel in the street and a devil in the house!" 
Lebanese composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Emad Sayyah is one of the leading names in belly dance music. He has been performing for over 20 years and his concerts have taken him to many countries. Besides traditional oriental instruments, Emad also utilises modern instruments such as the saxophone, oboe, clarinet, accordion, keyboards and the violin. He has released over a dozen albums of Lebanese belly dance music on ARC Music. 
She'koyokh are a London-based Klezmer and Eastern European folk music ensemble. Described by Sing Out! magazine as "one of the very brightest [Klezmer Ensembles] to emerge from the UK", they released their recording debut "Sandanski's Chicken" on ARC in January 2008, and won first prize at the International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam in May of the same year. 
Baluji Shrivastav is one of the greatest instrumentalists India has produced excelling in sitar, surbahar, dilruba, pakhavaj and tabla. Amazingly he was not born into a well known musical dynasty and was not guided by famous gurus. Blinded as a baby, apart from his initial instruction at blind school he is mainly self-taught and his success has been due to a combination of natural talent, hard work and determination. His quest for knowledge has dispelled many of the myths that surround the process of mastering Indian classical music. As a result he stands outside the conventional establishment of Indian music, often struggling against prejudice, to take his place amongst the greatest in this field. 
Contemporary Spanish guitarist. Jason is superb musician with several recordings on the ARC Music label. Check out his personal site.  
Flavio Cucchi is one of Europe's leading classical guitarists. He is also a specialist in contemporary guitar works."He is a musician of the highest order...he has an incredible facility for speed...he can also provide moments of intense slow beauty and passion. I cannot recommend this record highly enough." (CLASSICAL GUITAR, England). Flavio has several releases on the ARC Music label - Flavio also has his own site so you can find out more about him with a visit.  
Superb musicianship, pristine vocals and a unique blending of the old and the new make Golden Bough stand out as one of America's premier Celtic bands. Rooted in the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland, this trio of modern day minstrels has expanded upon these ethnic styles with intriguing arrangements and original compositions, creating a sound all of their own. In the recording studio, as well as on stage, Golden Bough capture the essence and joy of traditional music. They have played all over the world and released numerous albums on the ARC label.  
Dumisani "Ramadu" Moyo. Ramadu was very interested in traditional music and dance at an early age. He attended the music and dance lessons held by the famous Kalanga singer and traditional dancer, Mr. Malaba, who used to visit schools to teach and revive traditional music and dance. At the same time Ramadu listened to and imitated the world famous Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s music. In 1990 he joined the a cappella group Insingizi Emnyama who specialised in Ladysmith Black Mambazo style Mbube and traditional dances like Indlamu, Isitshikitsha and ‘Gumboot dance’. Ramadu sang bass and lead vocals. The group became famous through their hit songs on Zimbabwean radio, winning several prizes and staging concerts around Zimbabwe. Today Ramadu works with different musicians from around the globe, in a variety of styles from pop to classical music, from blues to Afro-pop. Ramadu recorded this, his first solo album (Izambulelo - Revelations) in the summer of 2001.  
Osvaldo Chacón originally trained as a teacher in Havana, Cuba, and has worked with various Cuban bands including: Paulito Fg, El Medico de la Salsa during a time when they were gaining international recognition. In 1995, he became the lead singer with the group Bamboleo. In 1997, Chacón came to London to establish his own group as a leading exponent of the new and exciting sound of Cuban Timba. The group have finished the first CD 'A la buena si' (tracks all written by Chacón). The group has taken part in the 1999 Cuban Festival at the Barbican Centre, been invited to headline at the Clerkenwell Festival, Jazz Café, Colchester Arts Centre, the Brighton Arts Festival, the Millennium Dome and World Beat Weekend at Morecambe Bay, among others.  
Zohreh Jooya was born in Mashhad in Iran. Her father being from Afghanistan and her mother from Persia she profited from both cultures. After high school she moved to Europe to study music. Beginning in Amsterdam she then came to Vienna where she received a classical music education at the "Academy of Music" and later earned a masters degree in opera at the "Conservatoire of the City of Vienna". Both the Oriental and the European worlds influence Jooya. Her European classical engagements have been, not only in diverse opera performances throughout many European countries, but also in the performance of the songs of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert on television and radio shows. Currently she performs at concerts, throughout Europe covering a broad spectrum from Italian baroque music to songs of George Gershwin. She has created a new way of interpreting the traditional music of Persia, played on original instruments.  
Cheng Yu is an internationally renowned, multiple award-winning pipa and qin virtuoso, and former soloist at the China Central Orchestra of Chinese Music in Beijing. She holds BMus. (Xi .an Conservatory of Music, China), MMus and PhD (SOAS, University of London) degrees in pipa and qin performance and in ethnomusicology. She is the founder of the UK Chinese Music Ensemble (1996), the London Youlan Qin Society (2003) and the Silk String Quartet (2006). Since the 1990s she has been based in London and currently teaches pipa and guqin, and researches at SOAS.
Her pioneering project to recreate a five-stringed pipa which had been lost since the 8th century has won major awards from Women in Music, the Arts Council of England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. She has performed widely throughout the UK and in over forty countries worldwide and has released four solo albums and many collaborative CDs.  
Rachel Magoola performed professionally with Uganda's top group, The Afrigo Band, from 1989 to 2001, at which point she started her solo career. She is now a successful artist in her own right, having produced four solo albums: Inhaife in 1997, Tyenda Wundi in 1998, Tonyiiga in 2000 and Atwibembe 2001.These albums earned her much respect from fellow artists and the Ugandan public. One of the tracks on Inhaife, Obangaina, became a countrywide hit, and arguably the biggest hit in the history of Ugandan popular music. The videos Inhaife and Vooto were extensively shown on UTV, WBS and other TV stations. Rachel hosted radio shows such as Kampala's Top Twenty and The Morning Crew shows on Capital radio as well as being the guest on its Desert Island Discs programme. Other radio appearances include: Radio Simba's Countdown Africa (on which Obangaina was voted Number One); Radio Sanyu's African Express; Star FM's Munakatemba; Dembe FM and BBC's Focus on Africa in March 2003.


Bradt Travel Guides logo image

Bradt Travel Guides publish guides to over 100 destinations. Since the 1970s, they have been informing, enlightening, advising - and even occasionally astounding - travellers who want to explore new places, from Antarctica to Zanzibar. From the seriously offbeat to popular tourist locations these guides are written with knowledge, sensitivity and understanding. They offer a 20% discount on all orders placed on their website.  
An association which aims to promote and uphold the rights of Muslim women in the music industry.  
Dajoeri - The Stradivari amongst the Panflutes. Well-known music-artists, such as George Zamfir, Simion Stanciu SYRINX, Damian Luca, Radu Simion, Peder Rizzi, Jean-Claude Mara and other famous panpipe players appreciate the outstanding sound and the excellent handcraftsmanship of the DAJOERI panflute and they either had gotten DAJOERI Panflutes or had requested to adjust a panflute to their individual playing technique by the DAJOERI panpipe atelier. In over 20 years of research, the quality of the DAJOERI panpipe developed to a very high standard, which professional panflute artists and our clients know to appreciate. The DAJOERI Panflute School is the oldest one in West-Europe and was founded in 1971. They offer panpipe instructions for adults and teens in many places in Switzerland as well as abroad and made a substantial contribution for the worldwide distribution of this wonderful instrument.  
World Dance Unite was formed in 2007 by a performing artist Yasmin Shawkat to promote dance and encourage its growth within society. As a professional dancer, instructor and performer in London, Yasmin had a vision to use dance as a means of achieving unity and cultural peace.


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ClassicsOnline is a dedicated music download service offering nearly 29,000 albums and over half a million tracks from a comprehensive catalogue of classical, classic jazz, blues, folk and world music.

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The MCPS-PRS Alliance is home to the world's best music writers, composers and publishers. Formed in 1997 between two royalty collection societies (MCPS and PRS), it exists to collect and pay royalties to its members when their music is recorded and made available to the public (MCPS); and when their music is performed, broadcast or otherwise made publicly available (PRS).

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